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The Girl Who Lived Vividly


♥♥♥♥Me and my TV life

Me: I'm Stella, 17 years old and I guess you could call me a citizen of the world. I've moved around a lot and been to more than 30 countries. I'm fluent in 3 languages. Right now I live in Europe and I'm still in High School (WOOT)

Fandoms:90210, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Castle, Chuck, Cougar Town, Downton Abbey, Fringe, Glee,Gossip Girl, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, Haven, Hellcats HIMYM, Nikita, Once Upon A Time, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Lost, Lost Girl, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Warehouse 13, White Collar and MUCH MORE

My Ships: Annie/Liam, Sheldon/Penny, Booth/Brennan, Castle/Beckett, Matthew/Mary Peter/Olivia, Puck/Rachel, Will/Emma, Chuck/Blair, Nate/Jenny, Cappie/Casey, Meredith/Derek, Audrey/Nathan, Nikita/Micheal, Peyton/Lucas, Quinn/Clay, Dean/Cas, Jack/Kate, Juliet/Sawyer, Bo/Dyson, Stefan/Elena, Damon/Elena, Stefan/Katherine, Matt/Caroline, Eric/Sookie, Pete/Myka, Diana/Neal

The people I love and who love me:
-  The Nina to my Walter
- The B. Davis to my P.Sawyer
- The Juliet to my Kate
- The Julia Roberts to my Stella McCartney
- The Olivia to my Rachel
- The Brennan to my Angela
- The Elizabeth to my Evangeline
- The Mozzie to my Diana
- The Cute Ella to my Fierce Olivia
- The Kenzie to my Bo
- The Elena to my Caroline

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